Classical Musician Reacts to MAMAMOO - Immortal Songs Medley

게시일 2021. 03. 08.
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Check out my reaction to Secret Number - Ep 5!!!
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  • mwoya


    4 일 전

    Please react to Day6. Theyre a band but all members sing, beautifully! 🥺

  • Luca Pereyra

    Luca Pereyra

    21 일 전

    I loved your reaction! The way you enjoyed it, I can relate so much 💕

  • Unurtsetseg Sukhbaatar

    Unurtsetseg Sukhbaatar

    21 일 전

    Yeah, I love them so much too. Also, They've every genre of song. For me, their songs are just masterpieces. I hope you more reactions to them. Also, I highly recommend you their sister and brother goups named Onewe (band), Oneus, and Purple kiss (rookie group). RBW artists are so talented. Thank you so much for this too.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen

    24 일 전

    I love that it just became him jamming to MAMAMOO here! That's how captivating they are!

  • raprilc2


    개월 전

    The second song in the medley...Road To my favorite performance from IS2. Their vocals are no joke on it.

  • Nicole R

    Nicole R

    개월 전

    Hello, if no one has welcomed you to the gates of the radish farm, welcome! It's always great to see someone discovering Mamamoo, and here are my personal recommendations for songs to check out. I'm sorry this is so long, there's a lot of content even after cutting out the CFs and covers / collabs.
    Mamamoo title tracks: Piano Man; Ahh Oop! (with eSNa, who is also a fantastic singer and I highly recommend checking her work out when you get the chance); Decalcamonie (I can never spell that correctly, but I recommend the dance / performance MV version because you'll skip the weird interlude that slows down the full experience); Paint Me (the rapper's first proper singing part in a song with an MV); Starry Night; Egotistic; Wind Flower; Gogobebe (these five are all from their 4 colours, 4 seasons project and really show different sides of their musical style well)
    Mamamoo B-sides:
    Jazzy/Retro: Gentleman; No No No; Dab Dab (Moonbyul / Hwasa)
    Sexy bops: Words Don't Come Easy; High Tension; Diamond
    Fun, Funny, Upbeat bops: Freakin Shoes; 1cm / Taller Than You; Sleep In The Car; Aze Gag; Travel; zZzZ; Finally; New York
    Ballads and sadder things: I Miss You; Ten Nights (more rapper singing!); No More Drama; Better Than I Thought; Good Night; Angel (Wheein / Solar)
    Fierce: 4x4ever; Destiny; Chuck
    Mamamoo solos: Big Booty - Solar; Be Calm - Hwasa; Eclipse - Moonbyul; Iljido - Moonbyul; Goodbye - Wheein; Easy - Wheein; Maria - Hwasa; Spit It Out - Solar; Absence - Moonbyul; Mirror - Moonbyul; Moderato - Wheein; LMM - Hwasa; Hello - Solar
    Also, if you want to get to know the members, Purple Hawke has the best guide I've seen so far. It's a 2-parter so it's pretty comprehensive, but it's worth it.

  • cal_sama


    개월 전

    I love that everyone that react to this performance are left with no words at the end 😆

  • Zedvais


    개월 전

    Hwasa and wheein have been singing together since theyre in middle school. And both of them are now 25 years old. But no joke since they come from virtually noboby company they train so hard on their vocal and techniques since they know they dont compete with other group if they just rely on dance and visual.

  • Anisa Badriah

    Anisa Badriah

    개월 전

    Killing vocal of mamamoo ❤️😭 only mamamoo

    • Musedex


      개월 전

      Coming out soon :D

  • Lorena b

    Lorena b

    개월 전

    these songs are from a tv variety show called immortal songs, where singers with great abilities compete with each other singing legendary korean songs. mamamoo is the only kpop girl group to go there many times.

  • Sophia Sarmiento

    Sophia Sarmiento

    개월 전

    Mamamoo Sting, Girl Crush, and Don't be happy Live Band Vers is a must ✨

  • Tinggar Pradipta

    Tinggar Pradipta

    개월 전

    I'm actually amazed with your voice hahaha

    • Chi


      개월 전

      Radio voice 🤣

  • Maëlle Gousset

    Maëlle Gousset

    개월 전

    Please react to AKMU i think you’ll like this group (bro & sis)

  • Clau Nr

    Clau Nr

    개월 전

    For that I'm a moomoo 😌

  • William Humes

    William Humes

    개월 전

    no! no! no! no! no!!! you can't do it on you tube but you neeed to see the original performances on Immortal Songs II. The medly is just a tease. Even if you just watch them on your own.

  • ducky


    개월 전

    Also crazy impressive when you realize that this performance was in the later half of a 4hr concert!! Their talent is insane💕💕💕

  • anonygent


    개월 전

    They were asked about their harmonizing on Korean TV show and they answered that they just do it automatically now, and as evidence, they just riffed on whatever phrase they were given, in perfect harmony. One of the funnier instances, they were on a radio show and the DJ said something interesting and the four of them said, "Ohhhh," in unison and in harmony. I laughed for a good two minutes.

  • Kris Gan

    Kris Gan

    개월 전

    Mamamoo killing voice pls..

  • Catalina Camino

    Catalina Camino

    개월 전

    como lo disfruta😭🤲

  • Peaceful Moomoo

    Peaceful Moomoo

    2 개월 전

    Lemme give you a lil recommendation:
    Mamamoo's inmortal song "Passion flower" Harmonies, rap and vocals for days
    You can watch a video of them learning the vocals and harmonies plus making the whole coreography on their yt channel, the video is called "MMMTV ep 5". It has eng subs there.

  • Fanboy시크릿넘버


    2 개월 전

    please reaction [Sound K] SECRET NUMBER (시크릿넘버)'s Singin' Live 'Who Dis?' and [Sound K] SECRET NUMBER (시크릿넘버)'s Singin' Live 'Got That Boom'

  • lala La

    lala La

    2 개월 전

    Please react to Mamamoo Wheein &, Hwasa 13 years of friendship.🦁🐶🙏🏻
    Ps: I love ur reaction!
    Here's the link ..

  • Little Mari

    Little Mari

    2 개월 전

    More Mamamoo 💜💜💜

  • Ikra


    2 개월 전

    Mamamoo's Killing Voice unlike this is actually a medley of their own songs. Its really good and hope you check it out. Sadly this also doesn't have subs but if you check out their individual music videos you'll get a grasp of their meanings too

    • Musedex


      2 개월 전

      Will do!

  • fasote 0204

    fasote 0204

    2 개월 전

    Hello, here are the complete presentations of mamamoo in immortal song , there you will see the complete themes of the medley, this video you saw is an excerpt from a 1997 concert

    • VonChoker


      2 개월 전

      I think you mean 2017 concert, but we get the point

  • Richard Gamache

    Richard Gamache

    2 개월 전

    also the first song in the Medley was Backwoods and their first trophy win on the show after several appearances .. Immortal Songs 2 is a stage every artist in S. Korea dreams of appearing on and Moreso winning because the best of the best perform on the show and rarely if ever do Kpop Groups achieve wins on the show it is mostly a promotional event for them .. and if I remember correctly their win was a 1st for a girl group. The first trophy win is always the most meaningful so if you can catch the video of the full performance it is fun to watch their reaction to winning.

    • Beewoop


      개월 전

      First girl group to win, first rookie group to win and first idol group to win multiple times

  • Aristeo


    2 개월 전

    If you are looking for videos with english subtitles, the best resource is MoomooSubs, @MoomooSubs in twitter. There they have an excel sheet with almost every MAMAMOO content available and ordered by dates. Look up for this video in there (03.04.2017) and you'll be surprised ;)

  • Pita Lagona

    Pita Lagona

    2 개월 전

    Mamamoo killing voice please....

  • Chris Lazarus

    Chris Lazarus

    2 개월 전

    Please react to Mamamoo dingo killing Voice Medley ❤️

  • 小皮


    2 개월 전

    love your reaction! i'm a moomoo ;)

  • Hossett Tren

    Hossett Tren

    2 개월 전

    mamamoo killing voice on dingo is even better to hear their amazing vocals live

    • anonygent


      개월 전

      There is a little autotune used in the Dingo video. This concert was pure Mamamoo.

  • Byuls Hamster

    Byuls Hamster

    2 개월 전

    you should react with mamamoo killing voice on dingo if you want another experience

    • Jen Moomoo

      Jen Moomoo

      2 개월 전

      I SECOND THIS!!!

  • kudgeon d

    kudgeon d

    2 개월 전

    The songs in the medley were some of the early covers they performed on the singing competition tv show Immortal Songs 2, where current singers and groups do new arrangements of classic (immortal) songs as a tribute to older artists. At that time Immortal Songs mostly featured well-known mainstream singers and kpop groups didn't appear very often or fare very well when they did. Mamamoo changed all that and quickly earned the respect of their seniors along with a rep for being scary monster rookies. Over the years MMM has appeared on Immortal Songs 14 times and all are spectacular vocal showcases.
    This video was filmed at one of their 2017 concerts called Moosical Curtain Call. They may seem like seasoned vets who've been slaying audiences for years but prior to Moosical Curtain Call they had only done two previous concerts, which occurred in 2016 and were called Moosical, naturally.
    As to suggestions, that's obvious - MMM's original performances on Immortal Songs. I'm sure they'll all come up if you simply search yt for Mamamoo Immortal Songs but my personal favs are Delilah (a Korean version of the Tom Jones song) and Backwoods. If you'd like to see their first IS performance when they were raw, audacious rookies it's called Wait a Minute. Btw, since many of the songs didn't originally include rap Moonbyul wrote new rap verses for each of them. Though it's a tv show many people have posted reactions to MMM's Immortal Songs videos but I've heard that some have run into copyright problems. You should check them out for your own pleasure even if you decide not to react to them.

    • Trace Larry

      Trace Larry

      일 전

      @Dawson Torin yup, I've been using flixzone for years myself :D

    • Dawson Torin

      Dawson Torin

      일 전

      Pro tip : watch series on flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.