SON'S 100 SPURS GOALS | The story of Heung-min Son's road to a century of Spurs strikes!

게시일 2021. 01. 03.
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Go on a journey through Heung-min Son's 100 Spurs goals! From his first goal in the UEFA Europa League against Qarabag to his latest Premier League strike against Leeds United - with a certain Puskas award-winner in the middle - comment below and tell us your favourite!

Tottenham Hotspur
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    Lamela, Moura, you can't do it, but you're greedy, so you'll never pass Son Heung-min! Lamela, Moura, the first match is a defeat.Ravella, Moura. If you start, you'll lose.

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    Son amazing .👏👏 Salam dari Indonesia

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  • Aaron Whittington

    Aaron Whittington

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    Stephanie says Michael fight against you Stephanie my girlfriend disease

  • Aaron Whittington

    Aaron Whittington

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    Diane Vs Aaron kockevin school 3 Vs 1 Anna and Luke today Paul Richard Adrien Tracy Watson council's work shop 2 disease Aaron Whittington form Downpatrick ann

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    Sooooooooooon gooooooolaaaaaaaaazo

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    Love me some heung min

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    Son heung min The Korean king 👑🎵🎵🎵

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    손흥민선수 재계약 하지말고 다른 빅클럽갑시다.선수안믿고 패쓰도 안주는팀 필요없구요
    지금 손흥민선수 필요한건 자기자신앞길이에요.몇년째 토트넘이라는팀 많이 생각해줬으면됐어요.

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    I enjoy your each game.
    Don't get injury. I pray each game.
    Sonny, God be with you always! thank you!

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    Indonesia like

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    Asian Proud...💪💪💪💛💛💛 from Sri lanka...

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    He is not even listed in their 100 club with his 108 goals so far.

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    son we iove you ❤💕

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    I love you too

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    I love it!

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    Most wasted finisher in the world. If they don't get players who can create quality chances, he's gotta consider his options.

  • Fix Films Ltd

    Fix Films Ltd

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    What a wonderful football player. Son is a pleasure to watch and has scored so many spectacular goals for Tottenham! 100 goals is amazing - thanks for the brilliant video!

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    The best of asian footballer

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    Isn't he the most precious big boi in the universe.
    WE LOVE YOU SONNY!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    Make son  winger, Make son defender, Make son Defender, Make son referee, Make son ballboy, Make son prime minister, Make son King of the North.

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    Love you from myanmar.💛💚💗

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    Thank you

  • Keanu Saroso

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    Back in November, Jose Mourinho’s soak and strike style of football helped Tottenham Hotspur reach the dizzying heights of the Premier League summit.
    Unfortunately, Spurs’ chronic fear of heights kicked in almost immediately, and they have since fallen back into the warm, comforting embrace of sixth place.
    Since their comprehensive victories over Manchester City and Arsenal, Spurs have won just twice in their following nine league games, drawing three and losing four. This poor run of form, which culminated in this morning’s (Singapore time) apathetic away defeat to Brighton – a team which had yet to win at home the whole season - has highlighted the big problems Spurs have.
    In fact, if the league season had started with the draw against Crystal Palace on December 13, Spurs would now be 14th, with a -1 goal difference.
    By comparison, the 12-match run which got Mauricio Pochettino fired last season also saw Spurs lodged at 14th, but with a +1 goal difference. The Argentinian knew, after the loss to Liverpool in the Champions League Final, that the team needed a refresh.
    What sparked excitement for Spurs fans this season was that it seemed as though the refresh happened, albeit half a season too late. Seven new players, finally a decent back-up striker for Harry Kane in Carlos Vinicius, and the return of the prodigal son, Gareth Bale.
    But despite a bright start to the season, it’s time to admit that the team’s problems are significant.
    Even during the height of Pochettino’s reign, the problems Spurs had were clear for all to see. And because I had guided Spurs to winning the Quadruple on Football Manager, allow me to offer my views as to what those problems are.
    Caveat: The following opinions are about as scientific as drinking bleach to cure COVID-19, but no managers were harmed in the process of forming them.
    1) Attacking space
    Over the course of the past six or seven seasons, you would be hard pressed to find Spurs players anticipating a pass into an attacking space, be it wide on the flanks behind the full backs or centrally. Too often, Spurs players move backwards to receive the ball, and they find themselves with a defender on their backs like that ghost from the Thai horror movie Shutter. Short of outstanding players like Mousa Dembele and now Tanguy Ndombele, Spurs players often struggle to lose their markers.
    The Brighton match this morning showed that in abundance. It didn’t matter who got the ball on the flanks – be it Son Heung-Min, Steven Bergwijn, Lucas Moura, Moussa Sissoko, Ben Davies or Gareth Bale, the player would often found himself in positions that required him to beat a man first in order to send in a cross. This allows time for midfielders and defenders to drop back to defend the cross, even if the attacker manages to beat his man.
    Contrast that to the number of times Brighton managed to get behind Spurs’ full backs, one of which led to their goal, and you can see that Spurs’ ability to attack space off the ball is inferior even to a team fighting for their lives at the wrong end of the table.
    So often when Spurs play ‘smaller’ teams like Newcastle, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Fulham and the likes, you hear commentators praise how well the opponents are defending. In truth, it is Spurs’ inability to find attacking space that makes their defence look world class. Spurs’ movement off the ball is very often backwards, and that makes it easier for average defenders to mark them, so long as they have the physical ability to keep up with the Spurs players.
    And in the Premier League, most teams are fit if nothing else.
    We do have Son who is about the only one who makes those intelligent runs, but that brings us to our second problem.
    2) Attacking passes
    Attacking space is one thing, but if one can’t find the player making those runs, it’s just as useless. And here, Spurs have a huge problem.
    The match against Brighton was probably one of the worst attacking performances Spurs have produced in a long time. The number of forward passes that were unable to find a Spurs player, even from a player as consistent as Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, is indicative of a problem Spurs have had for many seasons now, even when we were winning regularly.
    So huge is this problem that when we had a player such as Christian Eriksen, we made him out to be a world class playmaker. Indeed, Eriksen was better at finding a through pass better than the rest of his Spurs teammates, but that’s like saying I pass better than six-year-olds kicking the ball for the first time.
    When you look upwards at the teams above Spurs and observe the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Firmino, Bruno Fernandes, or even down below at bang average players like Pascal Gross this morning, they always seem to be able to spot that run, and play the ball precisely into the path of the runner.
    Kane has filled this void somewhat this season, but such passing ability cannot be dependent on just one player finding his form. It has to be the most basic requirement when it comes to players hoping to win titles.
    Statistically, against Liverpool in the last match, it looked as though Spurs matched the champions on passes – 592 to 587, with a comparable pass completion rate. But when you compare the touches inside the penalty box, Spurs made five as compared to Liverpool’s 18.
    At times, Spurs have done much better on this front, especially during Pochettino’s reign, but over the season, they haven’t done it consistently enough. This could be down to each player’s individual ability, which leads to the third problem.
    3) Scouting
    It seems as though passing ability haven’t been much of a priority when it comes to scouting players. Our scouts seem to be focused on an essential ability that the manager needs, rather than basic footballing skills.
    For example, we needed a solid defensive midfielder and we got one in Hojbjerg, even though his forward passing has a lot of room for improvement. Yes, he has largely done the job that he was signed for, often excellently, but he can’t really affect attacking plays the way Fabinho, Yaya Toure or even Roy Keane could.
    This isn’t down to Mourinho. Going further back, with a different scouting team, Pochettino wanted an attacking full back to replace the departed Kyle Walker. He got one in Serge Aurier, who does indeed love bombing forward. But how often have you seen him make unforced errors when it comes to his passing?
    I say this without knowing exactly how the Spurs scouting team actually does their work, because that really requires a lot of effort. and I’m still sleepy from watching the sad affair this morning at The Amex. What is clear, however, is that too many of our players seem to struggle with passing precision. It is, in fact, easier to name the players who pass forward well - Toby Alderweireld, Kane (this season), Giovani Lo Celso and Ndombele.
    You don’t necessarily win matches when you can pass well, but you certainly can’t win consistently if you don’t.
    4) Pressing
    Pochettino’s Spurs were known to press high and force errors in the opponents’ half. This was, in theory, a good tactic but fundamentally flawed because Spurs players very often don’t press tight enough, or seem to instinctively know how to cut off passing routes.
    When you watch how Liverpool and Manchester City press, they often force opposing players on the ball to release it fast, which leads to a high turnover rate. On the other hand, Spurs’ opponents, even when pressed, always seem to have time on the ball. This could be due to how slowly the Spurs players press, as well as how they always somehow seem to be easily sold dummies by players on the ball.
    Pascal Gross is no Cristiano Ronaldo, but this morning, he was made to look like the Portuguese with simple pull backs that lost his markers.
    Another sign of good pressing is the ability to come out of the 50-50s with the ball, and here, too, Spurs players often end up on the losing end.
    Graeme Souness said that Spurs players lacked energy, and that could be true for the Brighton match, but season after season, we’ve seen how often lesser teams break free of our press.
    That could be the reason why Mourinho decided to play the low block instead of the high press. But if counter-attacking is your main avenue of attack, then you also need to quickly solve problems 1) and 2) to be effective. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United did that to an art, but Spurs simply don’t have the players to match Fergie’s Fledglings.
    Perhaps Mourinho needs one more transfer window, but he would most likely need to stamp his authority on the scouting team and also Daniel Levy to bring in the type of players that can execute his plans to perfection
    Because as exciting as the summer transfer window was, they haven’t solved Spurs’ biggest problems, and without doing so, it will be a long time before Spurs consistently finish in the top four again.
    This article, “Spurs' problems are huge, and it's not just because of Mourinho”, originally appeared on Football Siao – Singapore’s craziest EPL website.

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    Sonic ⚡️



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    World classs

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    How do you do his celebration?

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    Come on you can beat liverpool today

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    king of asia football

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    Son we love you get beterr

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    I want to enjoy his goal in Spurs

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    You are spurs legend

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    Nice one sonny ~nice one son~
    Nice one sonny Let's have another 100 spurs goals!

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    What A player!!!



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    개월 전 손흥민님께 바칩니다^^ 응원합니다

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    The sheer joy that I got from him scoring goals❤️ forever your fan

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    ¡Gran jugador!



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    type UK HELEN and watch son's 100th goal celebration cake (handmade) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just bought his autobiography and finished. Impressive

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    The opposite spider conceptually fence because stream postmeiotically bury amongst a repulsive tyvek. unwieldy, damp place

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    Son, I love you!!
    한국에 대한 인식을 더 좋게만들어주고 국뽕 차오를 수 있게 해주셔서 진짜진짜 고맙습니다❤❤❤



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    No wonder this guy costs more than 90 million Euro now. He is an amazing player!
    But the whole world also like him for his personality. Such a likeable down to earth humble guy. South Korea must be really proud of its great son Sonny

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    Kimchi is Korean Food🇰🇷
    Hanbok is Korean traditional clothes🇰🇷
    Heung min is Korean🇰🇷

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      @Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler 15억 인구중에 안믿는 사람들이 있어서요..

    • Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler

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      이런 댓들 안 다셔도 됩니다. 어차피 다 한국인 줄 압니다..

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    SON FOREVER !!!!

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    토트넘은 메시가 와도 탐욕마귀 케인땜시 챔스진출도 힘들어
    맨유시절 호날두도 일부러 상대팀에게 패스하거나 의도적으로 수비에게 넘겨주는 이따위 짓거린 안했음
    내가볼땐 케인 심각하다 고집도 엄청 쎄보이고 될수있음 어디라도 이적 해야함 축구 쫌 아는 사람들이 이런장면을 근례에 자주접했음
    이건 진짜 아님 선수로서 할짓이 아님
    패스안주는거야 선수 맘이지만 잉글랜드 팬들조차 이걸 못봣을리 없다

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    Why on Wikipedia it says he only scored 65 goals?

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    COYS! In Korea

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    Hey Mourinho, Play attacking soccer please! Don't blame your players! You must have a sick soul!!

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    Mourinho's football game is crap. Dele Alli's wording is right!
    Tottenham's football game is too boring. They play only for winning. Why they can't play playfully and dynamically?
    Sonny, leave Tottenham and go to another team. You mustn't be a slave of dirty Daniel Levy! He is like Shylock in Shakespeare's play(The Merchant of Venice).

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    his first goal was nearly his last that tackle from the goalie could have snapped his leg .

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    He deserves so much more, I hope all the years that rest in his career he can keep growing and finally get a title

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    🙏son 💪💪💜💜💜

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    유익하고 즐거운 내용 잘 보고 갑니다. 늘 행복하세요..집수리 1번지 "건축상회"

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    See his English is improving

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    자랑스럽다, 정말. 같은 한국인이 아니라고 생각해도 너무 잘하는데 같은 한국인인 것이 정말 감사하네요. 앞으로도 승승장구하길, sonny>_

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    그래 똥양인이라고 빨리감기로 대충대충 뭐같이 만들었구나 ㅉ

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    yes Spurs !
    people with courage to walk home alone

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    will be extraordinary to replace Castillejo, meet his old friend, Calha... my dream

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    편집 한번 거지같이 했네

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    Son > Spurs. As a Korean, I hope Son moves to Real Madrid for fame, money and trophy. We Koreans support you

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    The best asian player for me

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    I love SON!!!!!

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    10:49 tergiang² lagu pota-pota

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    손흥민 선수의 100골을 축하합니다~ !!!!

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    1:36 손흉민!

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    I love how he score goals from team work and solo runs instead of penalties. He is a true LEGEND 👍❤🙏



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    He's not world class. he's top of the world class

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    Spurs Legend

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    우리 흥민이 덕에 축구가 재밌어졌네요



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  • ทิพนาถ อาบสุวรรณ์

    ทิพนาถ อาบสุวรรณ์

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  • Cy Young Award

    Cy Young Award

    개월 전 class💫 super sonny

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    개인적으로 40번째, 98 번째골 봐도봐도 질리지 않음

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    케인과의 협업이 계속 레벨업된다면 스퍼스 잔류 오케이. 그런데 무리뉴의 잠그기 희생이 또 발생할거라면 이적이 답

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    Never see player like him, His right and left foot is all good, i play football right foot my left foot is good only half volly, i'm sure Son will be the best player ever better than Maradona Messi ronaldo

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    What The Son!!!

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    my pleasures! sony

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    세상에 가장큰 무기는 겸손 이란걸 증명한 남자

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    탑클래스 선수에서 월드클래스 선수가 되는 과정

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